Yuvrraj Agarwaal

Yuvrraj Agarwaal is a serial entrepreneur who has promoted 6 companies in the past 6 years in diverse fields from Media and Entertainment to Retail and Education. He has worked on many marquee projects and joint ventures in India and globally. He has a great understanding of the holistic health vertical and he was responsible for creating the first global website for Ayurveda back in 2002. He has a strong belief that the future of human health lies in holistic methodology and hence he decided to join hands with Hr. Hitesh in making the mission of Yathis a success.

During his successful career span, Yuvrraj has travelled widely across India and the world, handled diverse portfolios that have helped him understand the dynamics of various businesses and market trends. He is well versed in the intricacies of India’s regional diversities and consumer needs. With his dynamic spirit, leadership abilities and a penchant for technology, he is a team player – a professional with valuable experience to steer the company ahead in its growth plans.

Yuvrraj is an Engineering graduate from the Faculty of Technology & Engg., MS University, Baroda and holds a Postgraduate degree in International Business from Symbiosis, Pune – one of the leading Management Institutes in India.