Why Vedic Astrology ?

Just about fifty years ago the average Indian knew the basics of astrology and how deep and vast it is. As a result, they also knew how tough the job of an astrologer is and used to have some respect for this ancient science and for its practitioners.

With the advent of the western education, slowly our own Vedic education got eradicated. The result is that today majority of the Indians don't know a thing about astrology, have a lot of misconceptions and blind beliefs, and when asked about their birth time they ring their mom and she consults the birth certificate!

Learn Vedic Astrology from World's renowned Astrologer & know your fate before it gets late!

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Want to know pursuing which business will give you desired results? Learn Vedic Astrology today!

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Why This Course ?

  • Balance the 4 major aspects of your life- Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

  • Learn the positioning of stars before investing in a business.

  • Learn about compatibility with your partner.

  • Explore remedies for curses, doshas, and karmas & walk towards a happy tomorrow!

  • Let Love & Finance flow into your lives at an early age.

  • Know about the auspicious Muhuratas before you begin something new in life!

  • Learn, pursuing which career will give you maximum results.

  • No more reading your horoscopes here & there! Learn Vedic Astrology today & know your future today.

  • Know about your married life through Vedic Astrology.

Control your future in your present.

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Course Module

1. A brief synopsis about the Vedas, Vedangas, Upanishads, Puranas, Upapuranas, Itihasas.

2. A historic perspective of the evolution of the important scriptures of Vedic Astrology and the ancient Rishis who wrote them.

3. Astronomy - Moving & Fixed Zodiac, Relativity, Cosmos, Big Bang Theory.

4. Bhachakra or Cosmos, Scientific view vis-a-vis Vedic references.

5. Division of Space as 360 degrees of the zodiac into 12 houses & 27 Stars.

6. Division of Time - Units, Micro & Macro level, Days from Creation/Kapyuga.

7. Sayana & Nirayan systems. Solar & Lunar calendars.

8. Panchanga - The five elements.

9. Names of years, Ritus, Solar & Lunar Months, Tithis, Yogas, Karanas.

10. Chart calculations - South, East & North Indian systems of charting.

1. Planetary Karakatvas, House relationships.

2. Houses and Bhavas - Properties, Friendships, Strengths &Varga Charts.

3. The 12 Bhavas - Significance & importance.

4. Planets Natural friendships, Positional friendships & Combined Friendships.

5. Nature and conditions of planets.

6. Planets in various houses.

7. House lords in various houses.

8. The Rajayogas - Their Origin and logic.

9. Rajayoga planets for different lagnas.

10. Rajayogas for Name, Fame, Riches, Power & authority.

1. Dasas- Different dasa systems.

2. VimsottariDasa and Antar-Dasas & calculation of sub periods.

3. Amsa or Varga charts basics.

4. Gochara or Transit of plants.

5. Ashtakavarga - How to calculate charts and basic applications.

6. Basic level study of charts to judge Marriage with students' participation.

7. Basic level study of charts to judge Career with students' participation.

8. Basic level study of charts to judge Education with students' participation.

9. Grahabalas- different balas and their concept & basics of calculations

10. Ashtakavarga reduction calculations & advanced applications.

1. Advanced study of Marriage and Marital Relationships charts study.

2. Marriage Matching by DasaKoota & AsthaKoota methods & other imp. points.

3. Students match several pairs of charts for Marriage Compatibility.

4. Advanced Applications - Careers charts study with students' participation.

5. Advanced Applications - Business charts study with students' participation.

6. Advanced Applications - Investment charts study with students' participation.

7. Advanced Applications - Evils at birth, Longevity - short, Medium & Long life.

8. Advanced Applications - Longevity calculation techniques with charts.

9. Special Applications- Diseases.

10. Panchanga for different purposes like Rahu Kalam, etc.

1. Muhurta - Electing right time for marriage & other purposes.

2. Children timing and how to predict about them with students participation.

3. Hora or Prasna in astrology.

4. Doshas, Curses, Karma, Destiny etc. & the Vedic Remedial measures..

5. Mundane Astrology - Birth charts of countries etc.

6. Mundane Astrology - Panchanga properties, weather, prices of products etc.

7. Lost horoscopy - Birth time rectification.

8. Jaimini Astrology - Concept & Theory, CharaDasa system & charts study.

9. Churning from houses using varga charts & study of family charts.

10. Analysis of several complete horoscopes using all predictive tools.

1. Planets - Their motion, common names and other properties.

2. Rajayogas -Doshas, Raja yoga bhanga& Exceptions.

3. Timing of events - by all these multiple tools.

4. Muhurta - 16 Important karmas, Ekavimsati & PachakaDoshas etc.

Find the perfect balance. Learn Vedic Astrology today!

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Course Details:

Duration: 1 Year

Batch starting from:: Sunday, 30th September 2018

Taught on: Sundays

Timings: 2 hours, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (IST (+5.30 GMT))

Mode of Teaching: Virtual Classroom- Webinar (Cisco Webex)

Teaching Language: English

Eligibility: High School pass

Test: Tests will be conducted online

Certificate: Certificate will be provided upon completion of the course

Study Material: Study Material will be provided via email

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What clients say

  • I enrolled with Yathis Vedic Astrology 3 years back & my life has actually become better since then. Learning the positioning of planets prove to be beneficial.

    Ms. Abigail Walters
  • While searching for some career options, I accidently landed at Yathis. When I went through the entire course structure & spoke to them, I decided to pursue Vedic Astrology & I'm doing good in my personal as well as professional life

    Jone Geller
  • I did my Vedic Astrology course last year and can now understand that there are multiple factors affecting what we are going through in everyday life and how to cure it.

    Mr. Jake Gardner


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