This course is specially designed for people who are interested in making a career in the field of holistic healing.

The holistic approach goes far beyond the Mind-Body connection of finding and maintaining wellness. All parts of a person’s life – Physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs and value are considered. The course will cover Clinical Hypnotherapy, Soul healing techniques, energy based therapies, body vibrations, healing using feather.

This course will train participants to heal following physical, psychological and spiritual issues:

Psychological issues – Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Worry, Amnesia, Insomnia, Anger, Attitude issues, Dealing with death or loss, Divorce issues, Emotional disturbances, Fear & Phobias, Hypertension, Allergies, Addictions, Insecurity, Nightmares, Panic attacks, Sleep paralysis, Mistrust, Rejection, Relationship issues, Responsibility issues, Sadness, Self-control issues, Self-esteem issues, Sexual problems, Trauma issues… to name a few

Physical issues – Paralysis, Psoriasis, Hair fall, Immune system issues, Asthma, High & Low BP, Ear/Nose/Throat issues, Headaches, Menstrual aches and pains, Uterine disorders, Ulcers, Kidney & liver issues, stones… to name a few

Chronic disease – Cancer support, Chronic pain – Back/joint/shoulder, Heart disease, Diabetes

Child issues – Thumb sucking, Bed wetting, Passive Aggressive Behavior, Exam anxiety, Inferiority complex, Hyperactivity, Fear of Darkness, Anger, Continuous cold & cough, Behavioral issues… to name a few

Life Blockages – Financial loss, relationship issues, business not working, ancestral issues

  1. Concept of Metaphysics – Exploring non-physical aspects of Reality
  2. Quantum Physics
    • Matter and Energy
    • A Universe of Thought
    • Vibration
  3. The Law of Attraction
    • The Morphogenic Field
    • Thoughts are Electromagnetic
  4. Theory of Mind
  5. Concept of Inner child
  6. Clinical Hypnotherapy
  7. Suggestibility – Theory & Laws
  8. How to conduct Hypnosis session
  9. Deepening Techniques
  1. Understanding Ericksonian Hypnosis
  2. Psychological Stages of Development
  3. Body Syndrome
  4. Hypnotic Modalities
  5. Stages of Grief/Loss – dealing with Traumatic events
    • Accident Trauma
    • Childhood Trauma
    • Trauma due to death of a loved ones
  6. How to heal Depression
  7. Dealing with Anxiety
  8. Fear and Phobia Management
  9. Fear of Failure and Success
  10. Age Regression
  1. Concept of Sexuality
  2. Relationship Counseling
  3. Family System Approach
  4. Passive Aggressive Behavior (PAB)
  5. Child Hypnosis & some common behavioral issues
    • Hyperactive children
    • Children who lie & steal
    • Bed wetting
    • Anti-social behavior
    • Examination Anxiety
  6. Eating Disorders – Anorexia & Bulimia
  7. Sexual Dysfunction
  8. Private violence & Treatment
    • Wife beating
    • Child abuse
    • Incest
    • Rape
  9. Defense Mechanisms
  1. Bioenergetics of dying
    • What happens after a person physically dies?
    • Understanding the steps of the transition process, & assisting the transition, using simple healing & meditation techniques
  2. Ego State Therapy
  3. Past Life Therapy
  4. Life Between Lives
  5. Parallel Universe Concept
  6. Life Script
  7. Aura Cleansing
  8. Understanding Spirit attachment and releasing technique
  9. Surrogate DFE Release
  10. Vows & Curses
  11. Working with feathers
  12. Body diagnosis & healing using palm energy
  13. Connecting to Spirit Guide and Spirit Animal
  14. Journey of Spirit World (Upper, Middle & Lower world) for healing Clients
  15. Understanding and Clearing life blockages –
    • Why some people have issues with Finances?
    • Why some people have issues with Relationships?
    • Why children of some families are not successful?
  16. Ancestral healing for emotional, physical, financial and spiritual well-being
  17. Clearing house, land, office or other space from undesirable energy
  18. Clearing-off Black magic/energies
  19. Astral Traveling
  20. Soul-Healing Meditations
  21. Soul retrieval
  1. Understanding Biological Conflict
  2. Origin and reversibility of Dis-ease
  3. Understanding Chronic Dis-ease
  4. Metaphysical aspects of Chronic Dis-ease
  5. How to heal Chronic Pains – Back pains, Migraines, Arthritis
  6. Decoding Cancer
    • How to support during Chemotherapy
    • Understanding Breast Cancer
    • Steps to prevent Cancer
  7. Healing Thyroid problems
  8. Understanding and healing Heart problems
  9. How to heal Allergies
  10. Different types of Breathing and their effect on human body
  11. Chakra system of the Human body
  12. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  13. Using body vibration to release physical pain
  14. Hypno-surgery / Organ regeneration
  15. Diet-plan during therapy
  16. Code of Conduct