The dark clutches of cancer, the life-threatening trauma of a cardiac disorder or a kidney failure. We understand how these modern-day disorders break your mind, spirit and soul. We are the only holistic healing company in the world, who believes in the power of the human mind, to arrest the growth of life-threatening diseases, like Cancer. We believe in making people happy, by what we offer them. We believe in Happy Healing.

Cancer seems to be a majorly confusing and unpredictable disorder. Cancer can happen with anybody – the rich or the poor, the smokers and non-smokers, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. People from diverse backgrounds can have Cancer. Here at Yathis, we have a strong belief that Cancer cannot occur unless there is a strong undercurrent of emotional uneasiness and deep-rooted frustration in the life of an individual. People with Cancer suffer from the lack of worthiness and some unresolved inner conflicts. In fact, these hold true for most chronic diseases.

Our methodology of supporting Cancer patients is to heal the disease by finding out those deep-rooted frustrations, inner conflicts, fear, feelings of betrayal etc. by accessing the subconscious mind of the person. When the conflict is either resolved or suspended, the cancerous tissues stop growing.

People who have successfully been healed of this dreaded disease naturally, through chemotherapy or other treatments have been healed because of a resolution of their inner conflict. At Yathis, we can help you identify and release these hidden conflicts, curing your subconscious mind in the process.

Some of the diseases that can be healed with these techniques are :-
Chronic Diseases Cancer, Pains and aches, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Arthritis, Migraine.

In case you are suffering from any of the above problems, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can help you take control of your life again. Hello Yathis! Hello Life!

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