Spirit world journey is important to know the basic reasons of suffering of an individual. It is only where all the answers and helps are stored. Through spirit world therapy, we can know exactly what is needed for our healing.
Basically Spirit world is divided into three levels – the upper, lower and middle worlds. This is symbolized by a world tree with the roots, trunk and branches corresponding to the lover, middle and upper worlds. The lower world is the place where spirits of nature reside. The lower world provides information into nature, and the invisible web of interconnection that it contains. It is a place where one’s power animal resides. The middle world is our day to day lives and residing place of our physical bodies and our normal waking consciousness. The middle world reality is full of trials and tribulations, tests and blessings. The middle world is considered as our ego, or conscious self. The upper world is the home of the star nations, our celestial or spirit guides. It is related to our higher self or super-consciousness that permeates across all time and space. It is the upper world where we receive the guidance that takes us closer to being in harmony with the unity.