We have a strong belief that we all have past lives. Past life memories are the autobiography of our eternal soul — personal stories that explain who we are now and why we’re here on Earth.We all carry memories from past lives into this life – Sub-conscious memories that carry an energetic charge and continue to affect us. There can be things left undone, vows made, accomplishments, failures, mistakes, success, emotional debts, guilt, gratitude, traumatic and sudden deaths, wisdom, and love. These charges from the past set up patterns which are continually triggered and repeated in our present day to day life. These patterns can be positive or negative. This can affect our relationships, behaviors, motivations, and even our physical bodies and health. By making these memories conscious, we can release the patterns that no longer serve us, freeing us to live more fully in the present. Beneficial patterns are reinforced, negative patterns are neutralized.

Benefits of Past Life Regression –

  • See personal relationships in a new light
  • Energize talents and abilities from the past
  • Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas
  • Release past life traumas at the root of physical problems
  • Experience the transitional states of death and beyond
  • Understand and align with life purpose