Each organ has an “organic mind” made up of a “group mind” of a number of endless cells, each of which cell moreover has a cell-mind of its own. Each of the body’s cells is possessed of an instinctive knowledge of what is vital to its life work and its own regenerative life. The cells enable the body to carry on its work of continual regeneration. Every part of our body is repaired constantly by fresh material.

Cells reproduce or regenerate themselves by increasing in size and then separating, which is simply, cloning. The cells are continually cloning themselves.
With knowledge of chemistry of cellular communication, biology of tissue regeneration and physics of body’s and universe energy field connection, we can master the creation of human body’s ability for potential repair, replenishment and replacement of the cells. This is actually natural physiological function of human body. In the term Hypnotherapy we can see and resolve reality that allows to see through a physical matter. We can navigate our astral body and send the photons to do the viewing, capture required photon energy and bring information back to client’s mind. We can utilize connections with other sources and bring our body promptly to optimal state.