Every individual inherits specific sensitivities from the ancestors. For instance, if 5 different people experiences same kind of shock from same kind of event, for instance going through divorce, they will exhibit different emotional reactions and consequently end up with different kind of illness. Every Individual family has extra sensitivity to a certain health issue; there are diabetic families, breast cancer families, rheumatism families and the list goes on.
Ancestral healing therapy is a wonderful technique to overcome such sensitivities which we inherit from our ancestors. Further, overcoming family history of health issues. We must remember that we do not inherit illness but we inherit emotional and energetic patterns from our ancestors which further results in specific illness.
Our Ancestor’s energy resides within us through our DNA, and it influence our lives through their living consciousness. Understanding this fact through the rule of energy which says energy is never lost but changes over time, emotional issues that were not dealt with our ancestors ascends to our life and will create an imbalance or roadblock. Using Ancestral healing technique we can overcome our sufferings.