At Yathis, a healthy mind, body and soul is our topmost priority. We do not stop at anything to achieve it. Apart from Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual therapies, we use a multitude of other holistic methods and aids that offer complete healing from human suffering.

Some of these techniques are detailed below.

Sound Healing Therapy : Sound healing therapy with the help of Tibetan singing bowls can be used to realign our body to its natural vibration. Tibetan singing bowls affects our body on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy, to move us back toward vibrational alignment with health. Sound can help us shift our energy frequency from a lower level to a higher plane, removing the lower (negative) frequencies of emotions such as fear, anger and resentment.

Using Sound healing therapy, we can heal –Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pains of the Back and Neck, Migraine, Arthritis etc.

Tarot Card Reading : The Tarot is a collection of various symbols or archetypes that represent all the human experience. A Tarot reading is just like a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. These cards tune into your energy to give you a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behaviour, obstacles, and strengths. This reading can give you an idea of where you are now, where you’ve come from, where you want to reach, and how to get there.

The Tarot gives suggested actions to take and a likely outcome if you take them. However, these cards do not predict the future. The future is not a static or unchangeable thing. We all make choices and decisions each moment in our life. Some of them consciously and the others unconsciously.

The gift of free will allows each person the ability to create the future he or she wants. With the insight gained through a Tarot reading, you will be better equipped to make decisions and take action that is in line with your best interests, growth and development.

Angel Card Reading : These cards are used to receive information about a specific question or situation from a person’s spirit guide or guardian angel. This welcomes our angels or spirit guides to point us in the right direction for love or gives us advice on how to establish a more spiritual, deeper and more loving connection with others.

Angel card readings can answer questions about work and finance, personal endeavours, friends and family, etc. These cards also offer general guidance regarding a certain area of our life. Without asking a specific question, these readings are particularly useful when experiencing a transition in life, in either relationship, home or career or any stage of life.