Cancer seems to be majorly confusing and unpredictable disorder. Cancer can happen with anybody – the rich or the poor, the smokers and non-smokers, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. People from any backgrounds can have cancer. Here at Yathi, we have a strong belief that Cancer cannot occur unless there is a strong undercurrent of emotional uneasiness and deep-seated frustration in life of an individual. People with cancer suffer from lack of worthiness, some unresolved inner conflict.

Our major motive of supporting cancer patient is to heal this disease and find out those deep-seated frustration, inner conflict, fear, feeling of betrayal by accessing subconscious mind of the person. When the conflict is either resolved or suspended, the cancerous tissues stop growing. For those who all have had cancers and been Healed of them, naturally or with aid of treatments, have been healed because their conflict was resolved beforehand, whether they realized this connection or not. Resolving the issues can make things positive in many terms.