Hypnotherapy is a process of interacting with an individual by bringing them to a relaxed state of mind, in order to treat a physical or psychological problem by a trained therapist. It has the power to reach into the deepest realms of the human mind and decipherentropies that create unrest in the mind, body and soul.

A trained hypnotherapist can form opinions about your mental traumas, negativities and deep-rooted frustrations. An acknowledgement of the above leads to its release and hence curing the individual in the process.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful way to heal some of the most common problems and also the most disruptive diseases with the human mind and body.

At Yathis, we have taken Clinical Hypnotherapy to the next level by intermingling the science with spiritual therapies and holistic methods of treatment. This combination called HypnospeTM, is so powerful that it can unsettle the deepest problems and heal the person completely. It helps bring a positive change in their life and they discover a new side of their personality that they never thought, existed.

Some of the most common problems that can be treated with Hypnotherapy are as follows :-

Psychological Issues Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Worry, Amnesia, Insomnia, Anger, Attitude issues, Dealing with death or loss, Divorce issues, Emotional disturbances, Fear & Phobias, Hypertension, Allergies, Addictions, Insecurity, Nightmares, Panic attacks, Sleep paralysis, Mistrust, Rejection, Relationship issues, Responsibility issues, Sadness, Self-control issues, Self-esteem issues, Sexual problems and Trauma issues, to name a few.
Physical Issues Paralysis, Psoriasis, Hair fall, Immune system issues, Asthma,Ear/Nose/Throat issues, Headaches, Menstrual aches and pains, Uterine disorders, Ulcers, Kidney & liver issues&stones, to name a few.
Child Issues Thumb sucking, Bedwetting, Passive /Aggressive Behaviour, Exam anxiety, Inferiority complex, Hyperactivity, Fear of darkness, Anger, Continuous cold & cough, to name a few.

In case you are suffering from any of the above problems, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can help you take control of your life again.Hello Yathis! Hello Life!