VISION :- To be a global leader in the field of holistic healthcare by promoting self-discovery, healing and learning.

MISSION :- To deliver holistic healthcare by imparting certified training and courses, promote clinical practise in hypnotherapy and allied disciplines, to help people lead a healthy, happy and balanced life.

PHILOSOPHY: – Human mind and the thoughts within have the power to make you or break you. Positive thoughts lead to a healthy existence whereas negative thoughts can cause huge disruptions. Stay Positive, Stay Healthy.

Heal Your Life



The connection between our mind and body is very powerful. Although it cannot be visually seen, the effects the mind can have on our physical body are extremely profound. We at Yathis believe that all physical illnesses can be healed by keeping the mind positive.

At Yathis, we use proprietary techniques to help you discover the new YOU. We help you understand and answer the most intricate dilemmas that your mind faces. In the process, we liberate your thoughts and sync your mind and soul. Yathis can help you clear out most confusions in your life, leading to holistic success.

HypnospeTM is a unique combination of the science of Clinical Hypnotherapy and the divine powers of the Spiritual world. At Yathis, we have created a unique combination of the best of science and the best of the unknown. This combination is so powerful, that it has the power to identify, stall and heal most deep-rooted problems in our mind and body.

At the heart of Yathis, lies a company that wants to spread happiness. Our ultimate goal is to make a difference to the lives of our fellow citizens by helping them identify and heal their most deep rooted problems. Yathis aims to make a difference by using the troika of Yathis Discover, Yathis Heal and Yathis Learn. We aim to create a world where the suffering faced by the common man is reduced and everybody is able to achieve their maximum potential.