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Yathis specializes in healing the human soul. Our research suggests that all illnesses are a manifestation of dents in our thought process.
We believe, that by using our unique HypnospeTM, we can heal any person of any physical, mental or spiritual disorder.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

The human mind is a powerhouse of thoughts and emotions. Positive thoughts make you happy. Negative thoughts make you sick. Our unique HypnospeTM technique using certified Clinical Hypnotherapy has the power to enter your subconscious mind & release your deepest fears, healing your soul forever.


Spiritual Therapy

Our mind, body and soul are impacted by the energies of the universe in the past & present life. Our unique combination of HypnospeTM using Spiritual Therapy, we negate all such negative influences and free the human mind, body & soul.

cancer support |


The dark clutches of cancer, the life-threatening trauma of a cardiac disorder or the kidney failure, we understand how these modern-day disorders break your mind, spirit and soul. We are the only holistic healing company in the world, who believes in the power of the human mind, to arrest the growth of life-threatening diseases, like Cancer. We believe in making people happy by what we offer them. We believe in Happy Healing.

Yathis Learn


Immerse yourself into the unknown.
Discover, heal and learn with Yathis. Our programmes are certified by the International Hypnosis Association (I.H.A), USA.

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Discover a New


“We all aspire to be healthy. We all aspire to be the best. We all aspire to be happy.
At Yathis, we introduce you to the new YOU. One which has all the above qualities and more”
Hello Yathis! Hello Life!

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Why Yathis?


Yathis Discover


Yathis helps you discover your innermost self. It guides you towards a journey to conquer the  unknown. It extinguishes your deep rooted fears, frustrations and disappointments. If you are troubled by any lifestyle, stress, anxiety, depression related disorders, we can help you. In the process, you will discover a new person, who is positive, full of vigour, energy and life.


Yathis Heal


Yathis is the  only  company  in  the  world, which  promises to help you  fight  life-threatening  conditions like Cancer, Renal Disorders, and Cardiac problems. If you are suffering from any such diagnosis, we have a solution for you. Come to us and heal your life.


Yathis LEARN


Yathis believes in sharing and spreading the knowledge gained out of years of experience and learning. We believe that every individual has a strong life force and innate ability to heal oneself. At Yathis, we have designed courses that will take you face to face with your innermost self. Not only will you learn the techniques to heal yourself but also get skills and experience to help others and make this world a better place to live in. Most of our courses are certified by the International Hypnosis Association (I.H.A), USA. Yathis prepares you for an exciting career in the field of HypnospeTM, which is rewarding and satisfying.

about yathi

Yathis provides marquee solutions for your well being. Some of the success rates using our proprietary techniques are shown in this infographic. Let’s discuss on how we can make a difference to your life. Write to us.

Our Status in Numbers


Self Discovery

Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Stress, Behavioral Issues, Relationship Issues.

Healed After 7 sessions.


Lifestyle Diseases

Back Pain, Migraine, Drug Addiction, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis.

Healed after 10 sessions.


Life Threatening Disease Stalled

Cancer, Renal Disorders, Coronary Heart Disease.

Stalled after 15 sessions.


Life Threatening Diseases Healed

Cancer, Renal Disorders, Coronary Heart Disease.

Healed after 25 sessions.

Holistic Lifestyle Expert




Hr. Hitesh Chakraworty is a certified hypnotherapist and a healer par excellence who is compassionate about making a difference to the lives of many. He gave up a seven figure salary in an MNC in Dubai and the comfort of a stable income to devote his life to the cause of promoting hypnotherapy globally.